Visit to School for the Blind

Sathmaga Youth Community is focused in actively getting involved in the improvement, purification and welfare of the society. Among our main objectives, working hand in hand to uplift the conditions of people who need others’ help plays a vital role. Sathmaga youth community was formed under the vision of directing the thoughts of the youth towards a more useful and meaningful direction launched its first project at the School of Blind on 28th of March 2008.

“You see colors, but they don’t. You see the world gets black when it’s time to night. But they can’t see any other world other than black, through their own eyes.”

Those differently-abled children, most of the time forgotten by the rest of the society really looks up for others affection and care. This was a very good experience and an emotional one for most of members of the youth community. Those few hours that the we spent with them would surely worth more than ages for those innocent children. It was really heartening to see that whatever handicap they have, haven’t prevented them from living their lives in a way of their own. Some of the talents they showcased were really awesome. They have their own way of reading, they can sing and dance like any other child, they can play and run like others.

During our visit. We,

  • Donated needed items to the school in order to fulfill the needs of children
  • Made children happy by giving them presents
  • Sang songs in a way that is interactive with children
  • Organized competitions (musical chair competitions, Cricket etc)
  • Colour-washed a class room
  • Spent the time with children in order to create a feeling of affection and care
  • Ultimately, spent some precious hours with all sorts of spirit, considering those children as a part of our own brothers/sisters.

But most importantly the members of the community sat with them, talked and played with them. We felt as if we were able to bring a smile to their innocent faces at least for a very little period of time. More than anything it brought us immense self satisfaction. In a way it is very sad that these children are paying for things that are beyond their control. They are no difference to any other child we see, so they really deserve this life? This brought many such questions to the minds of most of our members.

In a whole this was truly a great occasion to them as well as for us. For us it was a new experience, but for them it was another day in their usual lives which had some joy and satisfaction. This may be the best that we could do, unfortunately may not be enough to turn around their lives completely. Hind side is that they need more attention and affection. But we were really happy that we were able to add some colour to their dark world, at least for a very short period of time. That may have wiped out their tears temporary.

Finally, we are really grateful to everyone who provided donations, contributed in whatever way they could and all those who attended this occasion. Their help and contribution was of immense value to fulfill this task very successfully.

Event photos:

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