Sathmaga Sisu Sahana III - Journey to Wellawaya

On Thursday, December 07, 2017, Sathmaga was quite happy to hand over the contributions to Wandhinahelayaya Primary School, Wellawaya, Monaragala as part of the Sathmaga Sisu Sahana program. The project was carried out as a concept of Mr. Sunil Kumara and the family from Panadura.

About 75 students from the school and village benefited from the project. All the students were rewarded with a pack of school books and equipment. Students received much anticipated school bags as a contribution from Sathmaga which lightened their eyes.

Grade-wise student breakdown was as follows:

Grade Count
Grade 1 6
Grade 2 9
Grade 3 7
Grade 4 29
Grade 5 24

Students enlightened the guests with a program full of songs and dances, showcasing their talents. Guests enjoyed the array of student performances very much. It was also a gathering parents and villagers who became educated about the expectations of the donors from their children. Students were encouraged to pursue studies with much willpower using the donated items to bring glory to the village.

School principal and teachers were also awarded with special tokens of appreciation for their persistent efforts to uplift the educational background in children.

Special thanks to Mr. Sameera Hettiarachchi for powering the project and Mr. Sunil Kumara and the family for getting us involved. Many grateful thanks to all the donors, organizers, and not to mention, the school principal, teachers and the people of the village for their kind hospitality.

All the students were seen with brighter smiles after receiving their gifts for the next academic year.

Event photos…

Sathmaga Sisu Sahana - Journey to Wellawaya