Sathmaga Sisu Sahana I - Journey to Thanthirimale

Sathmaga Youth Community kicked off the project, “Sathmaga Sisu Sahana”, aimed at improving the physical and qualitative educational needs of rural students in 2011. An event to distribute much needed items to over 300 selected students was held on October 22, 2011 in 3 locations covering 6 schools around the Thanthirimale area, Anuraddhapura.

About 317 under-privileged children received what was considerately called “prizes” and not donations, inclusive of school books, drawing books, instrument boxes, pens, pencils, water bottles, lunch boxes, school bags, school uniform fabric, shoes, socks, pastels, erasers and rulers. The prizes were handed over to the grateful children at 3 locations, 2 schools and the Thanthirimale temple. The children also enthralled the visitors with some “fabulous dramas, dances and songs”. The visitors in turn, entertained the children with songs from Amila Indrajith, one of the Sirasa Super Star contestants and a short film.

Sathmaga expresses gratitude to the Mahavilachchiya Divisional Secretariat office and Chief incumbent of Thanthirimale temple who provided support and advice.

Following is the list of schools which benefited from the project

  • DIGANEGAMA V., ELAYAPATHTHUWA, ANURADHAPURA. (Anuradhapura Zone, Nuwaragam Palatha Central division)
  • ANANDA V., KIMBULWEWA, THANTHIRIMALE. (Anuradhapura Zone, Wilachchiya division)
  • THAMBIYAWA DHARMAPALA V., THAMBIYAWA, THANTHIRIMALE. (Anuradhapura Zone, Wilachchiya division)
  • BILLEWA V., BILLEWA, THANTHIRIMALE, ANURADHAPURA. (Anuradhapura Zone, Wilachchiya division)
  • WIMALAGNANA V., THANTHIRIMALE, ANURADHAPURA. (Anuradhapura Zone, Wilachchiya division)

“There was no single soul with a regret on that wonderful day; we were happy to contribute towards the education of these deserving children and the happiness etched on those beaming faces was a sight to take back with us”

Event photos:

Sathmaga Sisu Sahana - Journey to Thanthirimale (2011-10-22)