Sathmaga Debate Competition

Purpose: Empowering the youngsters in Dhamma schools with the spirit to build up a society where Buddhist values are preserved and providing them the arena to sharpen their skills.

Bringing up the youth in Dhamma schools together and encouraging them to work in brethren to build up an ideal society, the debate competition was held during January to May in 2010.

This endeavor on conducting the inter Dhamma school debate competition was successfully completed with the help of many parties and with the participation of a bunch of enthusiastic Dhamma school students. The competition was held in 4 round including the final round and 11 Dhamma schools in Kasbewa Shasanarakshaka bala mandala 1 and 2 participated throughout the competition making the best out of the event. Not only the Dhamma schools participated in the event, but also they work hand in hand with us making the necessary arrangements for the competition and so forth. Following is a list of participants for this event.

  1. Shripathi Dharma Vidyalaya
  2. Shri Rathnarama Daham Pasala
  3. Batakaththara Shri Sumana Daham Pasala
  4. Shri Rewatha Daham Pasala
  5. Sunethradevi Dahampasala
  6. Shri Saddhananda Dahampasala
  7. Nivanthidiye Ananda Daham Pasala
  8. Shri Dharmakeerthi Daham Pasala
  9. Shri Sumangala Daham Pasala
  10. Shri Pemarathana Daham Pasala
  11. Shri Punchananda Daham Pasala


Shripathi Dharma Vidyalaya

  1. E.M Mayuka Thisun Abeyrathne
  2. Padma Maheshan
  3. Heshini Navodya Weerakkody
  4. Oushan Thilanka Alwis

Shri Rathnarama Daham Pasala

  1. Kawindu Sulochana Wijesekara
  2. K.H Piyusan Saranga
  3. Januka Madhushan Dharmapriya
  4. Chamila Sumuduni Alwis

Shripathi Dharma Vidyalaya became the outstanding winner.

Ven. Hegoda Wipassi thero, the director of Dharma Paryeshanalaya (Rathmalana) and Prof. Asoka Karunananda, the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa participated for the occasion as the distinguished guests. The winners were awarded with trophies and gifts. Also, all the participants were awarded with the certificates. To make this event a success, many parties helped us in many ways. Our special thanks go to Ven. Gombaddala Damitha thero, for the valuable guidance throughout the whole process. Also our brothers and sisters in Law faculty, Colombo, work with us hand in hand. All the debates were judged by the law faculty students, in a well defined procedure. The event was financially supported by many people, including special sponsorships for winners and runner ups.

Event photos:

Sathmaga Debate Inauguration 2010-01-24

Sathmaga Debate 2010 - Round 1 (2010-02-21)

Sathmaga Debate Competition - Round 2 (2010-03-21)

Sathmaga Debate Competition - Semi-finals (2010-04-04)

Sathmaga 2nd AGM, Debate Grand Finale & Prize Giving