Ranaviru Upahara Pooja

It was one of the greatest pleasures of Sathmaga to pay tribute to those who freed our country from a 30 year long war.

Ceremony for paying tribute to our war heroes, organized by the parents of Katuwawala Sri Sadhdhananda Dhamma school and Sathmaga Youth Community, was held on May 31, 2009 at Katuwawala Paramadhamma Vishudhdharamaya. The main speech was delivered by Ven. Anagarika D. I. D. Dharmasekara and the awarding of commemorative presents on behalf of the dead and disabled soldiers together with scholarships to the children of families of war heroes took place at the event. The ceremony was conducted under the advices of the chief thero of Vishudhdharamaya and the panel of teachers of the Dhamma school.

Sincere thanks should go to Gihan Prasanna, Rajitha Kalhara, Nath Indika Sooriyaarachchi, Ranuka Iran Munasinha and all other brothers who dedicated their time in organizing the ceremony on behalf of Sathmaga.